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A simple way to smooth, sculpt, define or restore lost volume. Look like the best version of yourself.

Why It’s Special

  • Filler injections show immediate results

  • Made with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, it subtly fills lines, creases and restores structure to areas of lost volume.

  • Can be used to enhance specific features, bring balance to the face or rejuvenate an aging appearance.

  • Performed by advanced providers who believe in achieving natural results that keep you looking like you, with a few years erased. 

What to Expect

  • We apply topical numbing cream to ensure you’re comfortable for your treatment. The dermal fillers we use also contain lidocaine that numbs locally as the filler is being injected.

  • Some redness and swelling at the injection site is common and typically goes away within a few hours. Swelling can last up to a few days.

  • Immediate results that last from 6 to 24 months, depending on the treatment area and type of filler used. 

Frequency of  Treatment 

Every 6-24 months, depending on treatment area, is recommended for optimal results.


Starting at $700

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